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Best Gyms in Alexandria


Did you sweat today?  Here’s a quick guide to getting your sweat on in NoVA.

How do you get your 150 minutes of prescribed physical activity each week?  Whatever your preference of workout style, there is something for everyone in NoVA.  Hot yoga, CrossFit, freeweights, globo-gym, you name it.  Here is an overview of some of the highlights:


Yoga fans rejoice!  You can’t go far in NoVA without passing a fine yoga studio or two.  I recommend taking a walk down your neighborhood’s main street to see if you can spot a local gem.  Hot yoga?  Check.  Flow yoga?  Check.  Prenatal yoga?  Check.  Whatever your yoga needs, you can find a place that can meet them.  You could even rent a paddleboard in the summer and do yoga on the Potomac (just don’t fall in)!

Check out Mind the Mat – a local favorite of ours with locations in Del Ray and Arlington.


Pih – lah – tees.  Master your body control with this interesting style of workout.  As with the yoga studios, there are plenty of Pilates teaching studios around, some of which also teach yoga (e.g. Mind the Mat).  These sessions can be grueling but leave you feeling like you’ve had a really solid workout while just using what God gave you (no weights!).  If you like a challenge and want to improve things like your core strength, balance and flexibility, Pilates may be the workout for you!

Ready to feel the burn?  Book a class at solidcore for a fun, energetic full-body workout.


Burpees, pull-ups and cleans, oh my!  Whether you’re an elite athlete or wanting to see what CrossFit is all about, there are plenty of gyms in all shapes (mostly boxes…) and sizes.  With a CrossFit experience, you’ll get a coached workout that combines gymnastics and powerlifting with a competitive edge that keeps you pushing through to the end.  Shout out to our gym, CrossFit MVA in Del Ray – the owners keep this place super clean and tidy (cleanest gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of sweating in), and the community feeling is one like we’ve never experienced before.

Find your local gym here.

Orange Theory

If CrossFit isn’t your style but you still want a prescribed program with a coach, check out Orange Theory.  With multiple locations in just about every major corner of NoVA, you’ve got no excuses to avoid checking out the Orange.  Plus, all you need to bring is yourself and a good attitude!  Your first class is FREE and you can pick a subscription plan that fits your schedule and fitness needs.

For more info, check out the FAQs.

Subscription based Box Gyms

Also quite proliferative, gyms like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness aren’t too hard to spot while driving around George Washington’s old stomping grounds.  What’s great about these options are that they offer you a wide variety of equipment and machines at a very reasonable monthly fee.  Personal coaching/training is an option to explore, for a fee, of course.  Or, bring your own web-based trainer.  The gyms usually offer Wi-Fi, so don your headphones and stream your favorite tunes to your heart’s content.  To be fair, LA Fitness is a more beefed up offering, with subscriptions that offer group classes; the best of both worlds!

Planet Fitness

LA Fitness


It’s fun to stay at the…  Well, this isn’t the Rockies, so you won’t be staying at these local establishments, but you can still come to work out!  I don’t have to say much about this community engagement organization, as most if not all people have heard of them – needless to say, they’re more than just a gym.  Many communities have a local YMCA (the little neighborhood of Del Ray has its own); highlights include indoor pools, gym facilities, showers and the much needed CHILD CARE.

Here’s the map of locations in the DMV.

Local Gems

There are plenty of locally owned and operated independent gyms, much to many to name here.  As I mentioned above, I encourage you to explore your neighborhood to see what offerings it has in store.  The fitness community is STRONG in NoVA; it’s time for you to jump in!  What are you waiting for?

Is your favorite gym on this list?  If not, please share!  I would love to give a shoutout to more amazing gyms (and maybe try them out!)


Fitness related events: 

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Photo credits to CrossFit MVA!

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